BESIX Infra contributes to the creation of sustainable roads

22 May 2019

Together with the University of Antwerp, the Belgian Road Research Centre (OCW) and the Agency for Roads & Traffic (AWV), for a number of years now BESIX Infra has been working on a research project that will allow the effect of using recycled asphalt in top layers to be assessed more effectively.

To date BESIX Infra and its subsidiary Belasco have assisted with tasks including the creation of the asphalt variants incorporating recycled materials, which were required for the numerous laboratory tests carried out during this research project.

Following the laboratory phase it was time to put these variants to the test under real conditions. To make this possible, a pilot project was defined, which got under way today.

his is taking place on the regional N123 Retie-Kasterlee road, the top layer of which is due for renewal. BESIX Infra is laying three trial sections here:


1.      150 m using conventional asphalt with no recycled materials

2.      150 m using a top layer incorporating 20% recycled materials

3.      150 m using a top layer incorporating 40% recycled materials, but with a rejuvenation oil added to the bitumen. This rejuvenator regenerates the older asphalt         

  aggregate binder and therefore allows the percentage of recycled asphalt in the top layers to be increased.


Over the coming months a comparison of the sections will be performed together with all the partners.

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