BESIX Infra lays first pipe in geopolymer concrete at sewage works in Duffel

17 October 2023

Materials used in the infrastructure sector often have a significant ecological footprint. Concrete producer Tubobel Group, in collaboration with Finnish company Betolar, has developed a pipe based on a sustainable alternative to cement: Geoprime®. The first pipe made from this new material was installed by BESIX Infra during sewer works for Aquafin in Duffel. As a major client, Aquafin indeed encourages us to invest in sustainable innovation that can make a difference.

Sustainability and environmental friendliness

One of the main advantages of using geopolymer concrete is its significantly lower CO2 footprint compared to traditional concrete. In the Geoprime® pipe from Tubobel, the binder is an activated polymer. These geopolymers are by-products of steel production. By using an existing by-product instead of cement as raw material, Geoprime® reduces CO2 emissions related to raw material use by up to 78 % compared to traditional concrete.

The Geoprime® pipes are intended for rainwater buffering and transport and can be fully recycled into new raw materials at the end of their lifespan, just like other concrete pipes.

"With this recent implementation of geopolymer concrete pipes in this sewer project for Aquafin, we not only demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and innovation but also affirm our role as pioneers in the industry. We are particularly proud because we were the first ones in Belgium to install these new climate-friendly pipes." - Bart Verhulst, CEO BESIX Infra.

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