Concrete plant in Burcht obtains BENOR certificate for road concrete

14 November 2023

The concrete plant in Burcht has obtained the BENOR-certificate for the production of road concrete. This milestone comes two years after our other plant in Bilzen received the same recognition.

BENOR is a well-known and recognized Belgian quality label. It guarantees that the concrete produced in our plants meets the specifications set out in technical regulations and approved by sector committees. For us, this means that our road concrete meets the TR50 conditions. This certified concrete mix is used for the construction of linear elements and bike paths.

The fact that our two concrete plants have obtained the BENOR certificate is a clear recognition of our efforts. By investing in advanced production technologies, regular training of our staff and strict quality controls, we guarantee the delivery of high-quality road concrete.

The certified concrete is a valuable addition to the product range of the concrete plant in Burcht.

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