1 April 2019

On 19 March the redevelopment of the Terbekehof industrial estate got under way in the presence of the project initiators: the Antwerp Provincial Development Agency and Water-link in partnership with Aquafin, ISVAG, the City of Antwerp and the District of Wilrijk.

Sweco Belgium has been appointed as the consultancy firm for this complex renovation work, with BESIX Group selected as the contractor for the project, which involves specialisms of both BESIX Infra (construction of roads, sewers and water buffering) and Van den Berg (construction of the heat network).

The outdated industrial site will be given a complete makeover, which will include seriously addressing the flooding problem by constructing a separate sewage network and providing collective water buffering for a number of businesses.

The Terbekehof industrial estate is also being equipped with a 1.6-kilometre heat network, which will be fed by sustainable residual heat from ISVAG’s.waste-to-energy plant. Businesses connected to the network will no longer have to rely on fossil fuels. The resulting reduction in emissions will undoubtedly have a positive impact on CO2 emissions and air quality in the local area.

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