Concrete and recycling site Burcht

Opening hours

Plant: 06:00 h tot 15:30 h

Collection of bulk products: 06:00 h tot 17:00 h

Dumping of materials/rubble: 07:00 h tot 17:00 h


Dirk Van Roey

  • +32 (0)3 253 01 76
  • +32 (0)89 51 09 01
  • Oeverkant 3
  • 2070 Burcht

Quality and service are the best guarantee for success

Our site in Burcht – better known as ‘Scheldekant’ – combines the recycling of construction and demolition waste with the possibility of collecting materials from the concrete plant. This makes us a reliable partner in the environmental and infrastructure works trade.

We guarantee the delivery of top-quality products to our customers. This aim pre-supposes that the debris we receive is of high quality and not contaminated. That is why our site uses strict but fair acceptance conditions for the dumping of reinforced and unreinforced concrete rubble, asphalt rubble, bricks and mixed debris.

We use a certified crushing and sieving installation to recycle concrete, asphalt and brick debris into secondary sands and aggregates. Our plant offers products in pure form or as a cement or calcium-bound mixture, always with the guarantee of a quality label.

Extensive expertise of each of our employees and daily checks monitor this standard.

For more than twenty years, BESIX Infra has been advising and assisting customers to make the supply and processing of rubble as efficient and economic as possible, in accordance with the conditions imposed.

A thorough knowledge of earthmoving regulations and a very close co-operation with all the authorities involved makes our concrete plant in Bilzen an absolute boon for all our customers!

Our team

Dirk Coveliers
Concrete & Recycling Manager

+32 (0)497 52 07 21

Dirk Van Roey
Concrete & Recycling Operator

+32 (0)3 253 01 76

Sarah Ver Elst
Concrete & Recycling Project Administrator

+32 (0)497 52 07 27


  • Take exit 16-Melsele/Kruibeke/Beveren – towards Kruibeke.
  • Follow Krijgsbaan/ N419 and Kruibeeksesteenweg to Oeverkant.


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