Less Disruption

Focus on less Disruption and more Safety

Minimum of disruption

Mobility is an essential part of our society. The importance of an optimum road network is undeniable. As experts in this area, we are constantly striving for improvements and optimisation. Old roads are renewed and mobile intersections optimised. We construct completely new carriageways and make cycle paths, pedestrian zones and roadside verges more convenient as well as safer.

There is no doubt about the importance of our work, but it does, of course, result in some disruption. Road construction can take some time and it is not possible to eliminate every single inconvenience caused.

We do our utmost, however, to ensure that any disruption is kept to an absolute minimum. BESIX Infra keeps a constant eye on this aspect in each phase, from the beginning and often to far beyond the implementation.

It goes without saying for BESIX that operations must be accurate and phased with a strict adherence to schedules. Information about disruption, timing and any measures that need to be taken is important for the environment, the municipality or town itself, the residents and retailers.

BESIX Infra maintains permanent communication with the neighbourhood, the parties involved, the clients and sub-contractors. By informing everyone promptly and quickly identifying any sticking points, we work efficiently and purposefully, and the frustrations of those involved are kept to a minimum.

Safety is key

The safety of our people and all parties involved is our number one priority. BESIX Infra guarantees the integrity of our staff by pro-actively managing and reducing the risks. Any accident, incident or occupational illness is unacceptable.

The safety of local residents is also extremely important to BESIX Infra. The risks of the situation at the sites are strictly monitored at all times.

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BESIX Infra, a regular nominee for Aquafin’s 'Minder Hinder' (less disruption) Awards

Less disruption for the local environment and the safety of all parties involved have for many years been top priorities in BESIX Infra's policy. And this has certainly been bearing fruit.

For many years, Aquafin has been presenting its ‘Minder Hinder Award’ (Less Disruption Award) to one of its partner companies.

BESIX Infra has been nominated five times in the last 11 years, including in 2016 and 2017. In 2010 we had an incredible win. And as a result, we have without a doubt become a regular fixture in this initiative. We are rightly proud of this!


 Text: Aquafin's 'Minder Hinder' Awards.

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Honourable mention for safety

In 2017, BESIX Infra received an honourable mention because we pro-actively convert new procedures into specific work instructions for our own staff as well as creating internal support for this.

BESIX Infra wins Aquafin’s ‘Partnership Award’

On 15 November, Aquafin sewage treatment plant presented its annual awards. For the first time a Partnership Award was also presented for the project in which all project partners lifted the final result to a higher level through perfect cooperation. They chose a sewerage project in the centre of Baal (Tremelo) with Evolta as the engineering office and BESIX Infra as the contractor.

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