Project Halle, Belgium

Basiliekstraat Halle

The city’s showcase returns

In the centre of Halle, the rainwater sewerage system of the Basiliekstraat, the Maandagmarkt and part of the Bergensesteenweg has been completely renewed. The 1000-metre sewerage system was constructed in phases. A new buffer basin collects the rainwater and drains it in a controlled manner, resulting in less flooding.

Not so easy

BESIX Infra laid foundations to ensure that the sewerage infrastructure does not subside. It was a difficult job in a narrow shopping street, but posed no problems for the specialists.

Dense network

BESIX Infra’s experienced employees worked their way under a dense network of 70 cables, spread over a width of six meters. Almost like true miners standing up for quality.

Old and New

BESIX Infra opted for a combination of renovation of old equipment and new construction. The existing sewerage system was used as a casing for the new material. This combination is not standard in sewerage works but saved a lot of time and money.

Listed buildings

During the works, BESIX Infra excavated items that could be of interest to the city’s cultural heritage. Old city walls of existing buildings and historical wells were investigated and mapped by Onroerend Erfgoed, the Flemish cultural heritage agency.

Solid as a rock

Halle has a remarkable amount of solid rock in its foundations. Excavations for existing pipes, for example, are clearly visible. BESIX Infra made sure all this was done by hand to prevent damage to utility lines and to guarantee good quality.

Project details

Project name

Basiliekstraat Halle


Sewerage and drainage, Road works

Contract type



Halle, Belgium




Stad Halle/ Pharys

Building Period

2016 - 2017

Total value

€ 4 million

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