Project Ghent, Belgium

BESIX Infra renovates tram lines in Ghent

Since BESIX Infra re-laid the tram rails on the Brusselsesteenweg and built a new track up to the University Hospital, the company has been active in Ghent’s city centre. As subcontractor to its permanent partner Frateur de Pourcq, it is replacing worn sections of track for De Lijn in several locations. Farys is co-contractor working alongside De Lijn. The utilities company manages the city of Ghent’s sewage network and is making use of the track renovation to re-lay underground sewage pipes while the road is undergoing reconstruction.


The circulation plan provides a separate approach for the construction vehicles. A smart and strict schedule will ensure materials can be supplied and removed safely. Due to the inner-city nature of the project, specific attention must also be paid to vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists. The overhead lines or “catenaries” that provide the tram with power, present the biggest challenge however. Conducting these works without damaging any cables is already an amazing feat in itself!


BESIX Infra is by no means new to this type of work. They have recently carried out similar projects in Antwerp and Brussels for De Lijn and the STIB-MIVB. For BESIX Infra, laying and re-laying tramlines has grown from a niche into an entire business sector.

Strict schedule, timely delivery

Due to the nature of the location for the works, a strict schedule is required. Thanks to years of collaboration between BESIX Infra and Frateur de Pourcq, however, there is now considerable confidence in their ability to meet the most difficult deadlines, working evenings and weekends if necessary. Clients such as De Lijn and STIB-MIVB therefore consider us the most reliable partners for their works.

Project details

Project name

BESIX Infra renovates tram lines in Ghent


Railways, Sewerage and drainage


Ghent, Belgium


De Lijn and Stad Gent (through Farys)

Building Period

2019 - 2019

Total value

€ 1.16 million

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