Project Gent, Belgium

Geeraard Van den Daelelaan

From 'worst road' to prestigious road

The Geeraard Van den Daelelaan in the busy port area of Ghent was known as the ‘worst road in Ghent’. The three kilometre long road, which had suffered damage from the traffic, was completely renewed in just nine months, including utility lines, public lighting, sewerage, railway crossings and an extra cycle path.

Steel base

Steel fibres were used to reinforce the concrete, allowing it to be subjected to heavier loads, while restricting the formation of cracks. An excellent basis for Volvo Car Ghent, for example, which produces 1 Volvo every 50 seconds and uses 120 trucks daily for transport.

Flow guaranteed

With companies such as Honda, Volvo Car Gent and Eurosilo in the area, continuous traffic flow during the works was essential. Each of these companies' exports cover a large part of the European market. The companies, the loading docks in the port and the railway tracks remained accessible.

Indispensable duo

With extensive experience in larger infrastructure works, concrete finishers took care of the mechanical processing of the concrete. As a field expert, BESIX Infra then took care of the finishing work.


Weekly consultations were held between BESIX Infra, Ghent Port Company and the nearby companies. The perfect co-operation and understanding between all parties involved contributed to the success of this project.

One step ahead

Due to a tight organisation, the radical infrastructure works were completed one month ahead of schedule. During the opening Volvo Car Ghent and Honda had an inaugural drive on the new avenue, both symbolically and literally.

Project details

Project name

Geeraard Van den Daelelaan


Road works, Sewerage and drainage


Gent, Belgium




Havenbedrijf Gent

Building Period

2014 - 2014

Total value

€ 3.85 million

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