Project Ghent, Belgium

Ghent tram line

A direct route to the front door of the hospital

Want to travel by tram right up to the University Hospital in Ghent? This will soon be possible with the 950-metre extension of tram line 4. Hospital visitors will benefit from a fast connection from the city centre and Sint-Pieters station, avoiding the infamous rush-hour traffic jams.

Own track

The tram will receive its own track with automatically controlled switches. A new traction substation will house the electro mechanics for the tram control system. Sound and vibration damping techniques will be used during the construction to minimise the inconvenience.


A brand new terminal spanning no fewer than 300 square metres with an impressive canopy. The last stop will have two platforms and a waiting room.


Alongside the extension of the tramway, the corresponding road will also be reconstructed, the sewerage system renovated and the adjacent footpaths and cycle paths tackled.


For the asphalting, BESIX Infra has engaged the subsidiary Belasco.
With asphalt production facilities in Ghent, Burcht, Bilzen and Puurs, work can be carried out throughout the Flemish market.

Nine metres deep

The new tram lines will be installed above underground galleries that connect various buildings of the university hospital. Reinforced concrete piles are installed to a depth of nine metres to prevent vibrations from the tram being transmitted to the tunnels.

Project details

Project name

Ghent tram line


Sewerage and drainage, Railways, Road works

Contract type



Ghent, Belgium




Municipality of Ghent

Building Period

2014 - 2016

Total value

€ 7.8 million

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