Project Grimbergen, Belgium

Grimbergen N202 - N211

New regional roads are born

The N202 and the N211 are major regional roads. In the municipality of Grimbergen, they are better known as the Brusselsesteenweg and Wolvertemsesteenweg. Not only will the worn roads be resurfaced but the entire underground sewerage infrastructure will also be tackled. The redevelopment will be finished with cycle paths and footpaths.

Three steps ahead

With this project Grimbergen is moving not one, but three steps ahead. Both roads were in poor condition. BESIX Infra is installing traffic lights at Merodestraat, new asphalt on cycle paths and a separate sewerage system.

Rearranging junctions

The intersections with Speelbroek, the Spaanse Lindebaan and the Merodestraat are being redesigned. The widened passages and rounded approach roads mean these works will have a direct effect on safer and smoother traffic. All conflicting traffic movements will disappear.

One at a time

BESIX Infra strives to minimise the disruption to the environment and mobility in all its work. For this reason, the Brusselsesteenweg and Wolvertemsesteenweg will never be closed at the same time. Consequently hundreds of travellers and local users will always be able to use one or other of these roads.

4 times better

The redesign of the roads has four benefits. The new and improved junctions will be safer for all users, there will be new and safer cycle paths and the damaged road surface will be repaired. The mandatory separation and discharge of waste water and rainwater also provides the necessary quality guarantee for our watercourses.


From 2016 onwards, the works of the utility companies, Roads and Traffic and BESIX Infra will follow on from one another. Once the utilities have completed the first phase, the sewerage and roadworks can start. In this way, the works will move from phase to phase until the project is completed.

Project details

Project name

Grimbergen N202 - N211


Road works, Sewerage and drainage

Contract type



Grimbergen, Belgium




Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer

Building Period

2016 - 2018

Total value

€ 11.2 million

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