Project Beerse, Belgium

Janssen Pharmaceutica

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Drug manufacturer Janssen Pharmaceutica constructed a brand-new multifunctional hospitality building in Beerse. The building was given a completely new exterior design. An aesthetic eye-catcher for visitors and a pragmatic asset due to the creation of extra meeting and lunch space. BESIX Infra co-ordinated the construction of a site of no less than 8,000 square metres.

Everything nearby

The hospitality building covers an area of 2,200 square metres and has three floors. A gym was built at basement level. The ground floor is a reception area and there are meeting rooms on the first floor.

Green welcome

BESIX Infra undertook a landscaping upgrade at the site. The old parking spaces were transformed into a green zone and specific tree species were carefully chosen to embellish the entire hospitality area.

Audit and supervision

Janssen Pharmaceutica develops medicines. Safety comes first in this environment. Arcadis and BESIX Infra closely monitor the creation of images. Every external visitor undergoes a thorough screening.

Chequered pattern

Aesthetics and finish were important for this customer. Bordered clinkers were laid in a chequered pattern, alternating between black and grey colours. Carefully chosen sofas embellish the whole.


A project of this size requires a perfect symbiosis between all parties. Several daily meetings and coordination with the engineering company Arcadis ensured a smooth co-operation and a pleasant work environment.

Project details

Project name

Janssen Pharmaceutica

Area(s) of expertise

Environment and Surroundings, Sewerage and drainage, Private works

Contract type



Beerse, Belgium




Arcadis | Janssen Pharmaceutica

Building Period

2015 - 2016

Total value

€ 800 000

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