Project Kuringen, Belgium

Kuringen Retail Park

Expansion and renovation amidst shopping crowd

Kuringen Retail Park in Limburg was expanded with the construction of a new store for Decathlon and a Quick branch. Renovation work was carried out on the entire site. BESIX Infra coordinated the infrastructure works for the entire park.

Water management

During the construction of the new Decathlon, BESIX Infra was responsible for the drainage, the construction of a separate sewerage system and a brand new sedimentation basin.

Building site traffic routes

Within the project area of no less than 7.3 hectares, strictly defined site and stack zones were provided. A building area was created but Carrefour, Lunchgarden and the boutiques remained accessible at all times.

The shop comes first

For the Carrefour branch at the park, it was important that the work would not cause disruption at the busiest hours in the evenings. BESIX Infra was involved in this process by using adapted hours of work and placing signs that would guarantee accessibility.

Inheritance from WWII

Our professionals found an explosive from the Second World War at the site. The unforeseen loss of time due to this find was offset by a quick modification to the original schedule.

Night work

The existing asphalt layer turned out to be much thinner than foreseen. BESIX Infra laid an extra layer during the night to guarantee high-quality execution delivered on schedule.

Project details

Project name

Kuringen Retail Park

Area(s) of expertise

Road works, Sewerage and drainage, Environment and Surroundings, Private works


Kuringen, Belgium


Redevco Retail Belgium

Building Period

2015 - 2015

Total value

€ 1.5 million

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