Project Halle, Belgium

Mobility works Halle

Construction of an access road with extra parking and construction of a new bridge over the river Zenne

BESIX Infra is also carrying out several works for the city of Halle. We are the preferred partner for this project too. The environment along the Zenne in the city is in need of regeneration. New residential areas will be redeveloped and the old small bridge will be replaced with a new one with footpath, double cycle path and two traffic lanes.

Soil remediation

The former uses of the site resulted in the need for a thorough soil remediation, including the removal of asbestos.

Short term

BESIX Infra will deliver this ambitious project within just one year. As always, there is strict supervision of the safety of all those involved. Toolbox meetings and workplace inspections keep everyone focused.

Less disruption

Local residents, who will have to put up with some nuisance, are affected by this work too. In an area where peace and quiet used to reign, major works are now taking place over an extended period of time. BESIX Infra organises the communication and consultation with these stakeholders. Good agreements make good relations.

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Mobility works Halle

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Halle, Belgium

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