Project Gent, Belgium

N9 Ledeberg

Smoother running trams for Ghent

The Brusselsesteenweg (N9) in Ghent is being transformed into an urban approach road where public transport can run more smoothly and where cyclists and pedestrians can safely cross the road on better crossings. Green elements are being incorporated and the sewerage system is being renewed.

Maximum conservation

BESIX Infra aimed to preserve as many parking spaces as possible. Some parking spaces on the Brusselsesteenweg have been sacrificed for safe footpaths and cycle tracks. On the other hand, 30 new parking spaces have been created in an adjacent avenue, the Ankerlaan.

Smooth tram traffic

The flow of tram traffic is much smoother thanks to more ‘free’ tram lanes. In one part of the road the tram gets a free lane in the direction of the city. In the other part, the tram has a completely new lane.

Drinking water to the coast

The existing drinking water pipeline dates from the period of the Second World War. BESIX Infra is renovating the entire installation, providing clean drinking water for a large number of households on the Belgian coast.

Aesthetics and ecology

After the work, the Steenweg will look much better and greener. The tram lane used to be made of gravel and is now green due to the use of grass blocks. BESIX Infra will also plant new trees by order of the City of Ghent.

Less disruption

These works will take about 3.5 years. BESIX Infra is minimising the disruption by carrying out sewerage works in areas of maximum 50 metres so that local traffic can pass through as quickly as possible. Businesses remain accessible and suitable solutions are sought for a delivery, relocation or renovation.

Project details

Project name

N9 Ledeberg


Road works, Sewerage and drainage, Railways

Contract type



Gent, Belgium




AWV - De Lijn

Total value

€ 18.3 million

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