Project Sinaai, Belgium

Nature reserve in Sinaai

Sedges saved and doubled

The nature reserve in Sinaai is one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Belgium. With the proposal of a new cycle path, the Natuur en Bos agency ordered the relocation of sedges to make the construction of this cycle path possible. BESIX Infra was responsible for moving the legally protected and sturdy marsh vegetation to another area in the De Heirnisse woodland reserve.

Protecting habitats

The protection of vegetation is essential. Sedge vegetation is a rare and protected marshland area. Many insects, for example the dragonfly, have their habitat in this rough environment. Moving the vegetation protected the habitats.

Safety First

The new cycle path is located on Weimanstraat, a street that until recently was very dangerous. Motorists often treated the road, intended for both cars and bicycles traffic, like an 80 km (motorway) road.

Technical expertise

The sedges needed to be moved before the cycle path could be built. For this purpose, BESIX Infra used a self-produced square shovel attached to a longreach crane. The turfs were moved one by one to their new destination, a grassland on the edge of the reserve.

Double surface

The Nature and Forest Agency is aiming to double the sedges in Sinaai. BESIX Infra therefore made 4000 square metres of trenches for 2000 square metres of vegetation. From the sods the trenches of sedges will grow together and double in size.

Bigger whole

The replanting of the sedges was one of the conditions of permission to construct the cycle path through the nature reserve. In addition, the speed limit in the Weimanstraat will be reduced to improve safety for pine martens.

Project details

Project name

Nature reserve in Sinaai


Road works, Environment and Surroundings


Sinaai, Belgium



Building Period

2016 - 2016

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