Project Ninove, Belgium

Ninove "Den Dollar"

The redevelopment of the “Den Dollar” neighbourhood

BESIX Infra turned one of the 800 most dangerous points in Flanders into a safe traffic square. The existing tangle of streets with traffic lights gave way to a traffic triangle in which traffic circulates in one direction around the central island. Additional measures guarantee the safety of cyclists and pedestrians.

Close cooperation

The Agency for Roads and Traffic (AWV), in collaboration with the city of Ninove and RioP (partnership between the Water Group, the city of Ninove and Aquafin) started the reconstruction in September 2013. Their selected contractor was BESIX Infra. Thanks to good communication and smooth cooperation, the new traffic square was on the map less than 2 years later!

Different phases

BESIX Infra developed Den Dollar in several phases to guarantee a permanent flow of traffic. In co-operation with the police, a logical signalling system was also developed for one of the most important traffic flow points to Brussels.

An eye for traders and the self-employed

Monitoring the local economy was one of BESIX Infra’s pet subjects. There was regular consultation, the AWV placed all possible information on a website and BESIX Infra sent resident letters every two weeks.

High level of difficulty

The reconstruction challenged BESIX Infra’s expertise with a high level of difficulty in the earthworks. The soil was polluted by the many filling stations. BESIX Infra decided to decontaminate the existing land with pressurised cabins and sprinklers. A new separate sewerage system and soil improvement techniques completed the picture.


Thanks to BESIX Infra’s many years of know-how, both the poorer bearing capacity of the soil and the condition of the existing ground pipes were tackled thoroughly. Expertise in earthworks makes BESIX Infra an excellent knowledge-driven contracting company, a reassuring certainty for many clients!

Project details

Project name

Ninove "Den Dollar"


Road works, Sewerage and drainage

Contract type



Ninove, Belgium




AWV en Stad Ninove

Building Period

2013 - 2015

Total value

€ 7 million

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