Project Antwerpen, Belgium

Noordersingel - Antwerpen

Removal of underground obstacles

Improvements to the Noordersingel started in April 2016. The road between the Schijnpoortweg and the Turnhoutsepoort will get the same look as the Zuidelijke Singel. Two lanes in each direction again with a green central reservation, new cycle paths, junctions and a parking strip. The redesign will make the Noordersingel safer for all road users: pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

Oosterweel link

The Oosterweel link will be built in 2022. This project will complete the Antwerp ring road, the R1. The redevelopment of the Noordersingel is one of the preparatory works for this project which prepares the environment and removes obstacles from the subsoil.


The redevelopment of the Noordersingel will also tackle the junctions, making them clearer and safer by separating the different road users as much as possible. It will make traffic much smoother and safer.

Safe cycling

The new Noordersingel will improve bicycle safety. There will be safe cycle paths on both sides of the road. They will be separated from the road by a green or parking strip, which was not the case in the original situation.

Less traffic

After the construction of the Oosterweel, the new ring road slip roads will be connected to the Noordersingel via the former Borgerhout container park. This connection will be a genuine junction with a direct connection from the Ring to Spoor Oost. This link will reduce the 'rat-run' traffic around the Sportpaleis.


One of BESIX Infra’s priorities is access to local traders. Temporary site crossings ensure that the companies along the Noordersingel remain accessible. Employees who come by bike can reach the business zone beside the ring road through two alternative passages.

Project details

Project name

Noordersingel - Antwerpen


Road works, Sewerage and drainage

Contract type



Antwerpen, Belgium


BESIX Infra, BESIX Unitec


Flemish Agency for Roads and Traffic

Building Period

2016 - 2018

Total value

€ 13.6 million

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