Project Vilvoorde, Belgium

Optimisation of the Tangebeek collector

A fine example of soil mechanics

Aquafin chose BESIX Infra as the contractor for the renovation and reconstruction of the Tangebeek collector. This collector follows the course of the Tangebeek along the boundary between Vilvoorde and Grimbergen and required renovation and repair. BESIX Infra accepted the challenge to make this technically complex and large project a success within budget and schedule.

Accepting the challenge time and again. Finding a sustainable solution for all possible problems. That’s our goal!

Tom de Schepper
Project Manager BESIX Infra

Huge sewerage project

The collector was in poor condition and was partly renovated and partly rebuilt, either in open trenches or by means of thrust boring. This method was used in the existing nature reserves and near the entry and exit complex. To meet modern hydraulic requirements, 12 overflows, 3 underground storage basins and one open buffer basin were built. An extensive project of more than 5 kilometres of sewerage was connected to each other to guarantee the drainage for 33,000 people. During all this, the collector remained permanently active. This makes this project one of the largest non-combined sewerage projects for both Aquafin and BESIX Infra.

Quick intervention and action

An alert BESIX Infra team permanently maintained the existing water management system through well-designed pumping works. Ecologically sound construction site roads ensured maximum accessibility to wet meadows and forests.

Specific techniques

The redevelopment required a fine example of soil mechanics. Well-designed foundation and drainage techniques were used to tackle the groundwater level and the unstable aquifers. They have ensured the preservation of not only the nature area but also the surrounding buildings. The relining technique used to retain the existing sewerage and drainage system included a sleeve made from fibre-glass and epoxy resin and has resulted in a sustainably renovated sewerage and drainage network.

Less disruption

BESIX Infra is committed to minimising disruption during the works. Well thought-out diversions guaranteed the accessibility of the entire route throughout the entire work period. In addition, clear information boards ensured clear communication with residents and other parties involved.

Intensive Collaboration

A project like this requires more than just effective internal collaboration. Smooth communication between the strong site team, Aquafin and the consultancy firm as well as regular consultation with other parties (Flemish Agency Nature and Forests, the Province, local authorities, etc.) are essential. This is a favourite topic of BESIX Infra where great importance is attached to communication, sustainability and quality.

A complex project that was completed with great success by the BESIX Infra Project Manager and Site Managers.

Luc de Winter
Project Manager Aquafin

Project details

Project name

Optimisation of the Tangebeek collector


Sewerage and drainage, Road works


Vilvoorde, Belgium

Building Period

2013 - 2015

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