Project Roosdaal, Belgium

Reconstruction of the N8 in Roosdaal

A nice collaboration with Franki Foundations

BESIX Infra is completely reconstructing the N8 in Roosdaal. Nice wide cycle paths will soon adorn the road here. At the same time, the road, the sewerage system and the buffering of excess rainwater will be tackled. An all-inclusive project, within schedule and within budget.

Strong together

BESIX Infra is firmly convinced of the added value of collaborating well and pooling expertise. For laying the foundations for the outflow structures, we are happy to be joining forces with others. Franki Foundations, which is also part of the BESIX Group, is working with us to provide appropriate foundations for the prefab structures.

Every retailer accessible

Road and infrastructure works often mean that the local retailers affected suffer losses. BESIX Infra is aware of this and makes a point of keeping the economic disruption to an absolute minimum as well. At the start of the works we took the time to visit and inform every retailer.

Safe traffic management

BESIX Infra is providing a safe traffic island with a slip-form paver, entirely under its own responsibility, which will run for almost one kilometre. This concrete structure in the middle of the road will make it impossible for vehicles to turn anywhere on the road. Of course, it will be much safer to drive through to a turning point that supports this manoeuvre better.

Green oval roundabout

The green landmark in the reconstruction is the attractive oval roundabout. Both the interior space and the areas alongside have been designed as grass fields in order to make the whole setup more eco-friendly. A fabulous eye-catcher in a safe and stylish renovation project.

Project details

Project name

Reconstruction of the N8 in Roosdaal


Road works, Sewerage and drainage

Contract type



Roosdaal, Belgium


Agency for Roads and Traffic and the municipality of Roosdaal

Building Period

2017 - 2018

Total value

€ 7 million

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