Redevelopment of Groenestaakstraat in Ghent

The City of Ghent and Farys have started working on the complete redevelopment of Groenestaakstraat, Gaverstraat and Botestraat in Ghent. A brand-new roadway will incorporate a safe and convenient cycling infrastructure, while a separate sewage network will be laid using vitrified clay and concrete pipes.

Well thought-

This separate sewage network will have a diameter of between 250 and 1400 mm and will be laid to a maximum depth of 6 metres. In Gaverstraat the dimensions of the new concrete box culvert will be 1500x1000 mm. Three pumping stations and 14 overflow drains will also be installed.

Junctions improved

BESIX Infra will also be carrying out improvement work on three major junctions. Cycle paths will be laid at the junction of Gaverstraat and Botestraat, while the junction with Schoubroek will benefit from a new bus stop and a separate bus lane, amongst other things.

A greener environment

The raised cycle paths on Gaverstraat will be lined with rows of trees. On Botestraat and Groenestaakstraat BESIX Infra will be taking appropriate steps to ensure the existing trees, in particular sycamores and oaks, are retained.


Botestraat – Groenestaakstraat forms part of the Supralocal Functional Bicycle Network (BFF) and is an important east-west link through Wondelgem for cyclists. This project will significantly increase safety and convenience for cyclists using this route.

Keeping everyone informed

It is very much in BESIX Infra’s interests and those of the customer to ensure local residents and retailers are kept up to date with precise information on the various phases of the work. This allows everyone to prepare themselves in good time for potential disruption, leaving BESIX Infra to concentrate on meeting its deadline and delivering high quality. BESIX Infra makes it its business to inform all stakeholders promptly about all the different phases of the project.

Project details

Project name

Redevelopment of Groenestaakstraat in Ghent


Road works, Sewerage and drainage


, Belgium

Building Period

2018 - 2019

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