Project Gent, Belgium

The Loop Gent

The power of collaboration

BESIX Infra has worked at full capacity in and around The Loop in Ghent. In a temporary trade association with Artes Depret nv, a tram extension and access to a future underground car park will be realised within a set period of 700 calendar days.

Working within a temporary trade association

For certain contracts BESIX Infra regularly looks for complementary partners with whom to enter into a temporary trade association. Artes Depret is a long-term partner for civil engineering works.


A joint venture requires good arrangements between the partners. The engineering offices of Artes and BESIX Infra will hold frequent discussions even during the costing phase. This will allow every possible bottleneck to be tackled proactively.

Maximum reuse

In the interests of cost efficiency, the temporary association will strive for maximum reuse of demolished materials and surplus soil. In their joint projects, Artes and BESIX Infra examine the total material balance sheet of the site and adjust the project phases to suit this.

Demanding stakeholders

The companies on the site (Ikea, Holiday Inn, etc.) will remain fully accessible during the works. Close consultation between the consortium and these stakeholders is essential. For the railways, the operating schedule of De Lijn is something that needs to be taken into account.

Construction period in calendar days

The need to complete the work in a certain number of calendar days calls for reserve buffer periods. The schedule will be detailed from the quotation phase onwards in consultation with all partners and included the temporary trade association contract.

Project details

Project name

The Loop Gent


Road works, Sewerage and drainage

Contract type



Gent, Belgium


NV grondbank The Loop

Building Period

2014 - 2016

Total value

€ 10.6 million

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