Internal research department

Our customers and site teams can always rely upon the expertise and creativity of our internal research department in Schelle and Bilzen. With the right attitude, skills and experience, our dedicated staff maximise the value of our projects for and together with our customers.

We abide by the following principles:

  • Expertise used to help achieve our customers' goals. When we develop a project, we spend as much time as possible on understanding and clarifying the customer’s wishes. We can use our project experience and intensive partnership activities to present alternatives that increase the value for the customer. All the necessary engineering expertise is ‘under one roof’, allowing us to work efficiently and in an integrated way.
  • Getting it right first time. Preparation and co-operation are of fundamental importance for our principle of ‘getting it right first time’. That is why we ensure there is intensive co-operation between the teams on site and the people in the office.
  • Alert. In a rapidly changing world, being alert and flexible are key skills for creating value. We constantly analyse which skills are required in addition to our engineering expertise to meet the needs of our customers.
  • Focusing on what we are good at, partnerships in other areas. Although we are proud of our strengths, we also believe in the power of partnerships. That is why we are constantly seeking and exploring new and sustainable partnerships in order to create value.

By combining the know-how of our experts, we can offer complete solutions that far exceed our customer’s expectations.

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