Project Antwerpen, Belgium

Construction and maintenance of PPS Brabo 1

35 years of maintenance along tram track

Smoother-running traffic and safer roads. That is what Antwerp is committed to. With the Brabo 1 project, the Deurne-Wijnegem and Mortsel-Boechout tram lines have now been extended and a depot for 53 trams has been built in Deurne. BESIX Infra will be responsible for the maintenance of this section for 35 years.


Brabo 1 is the first PPS project for Public Transport in Flanders. This is a DBFM contract in which BESIX Infra, as a partner of NV Silvius Onderhoud, is responsible for maintenance of all non-tram parts for 35 years.

Antwerp Mobility Master Plan

Brabo 1 is part of the Antwerp Mobility Master Plan. The Master Plan, which started in 2003, consists of several improvement projects with the aim that by 2020 half of all journeys in the region will be by public transport, bicycle or on foot.

From façade to façade

BESIX Infra is responsible for maintaining all parts of the roads, cycle paths, green areas, tram-bus lane, markings, sewers and canals.

Green revival

Grass verges in the area will be landscaped. In addition, 175 trees are being given a second life. Excavations next to each tree for fertilisation and lava edges will ensure a gradual water flow.

Richer by experience

This is not the first long-term project for BESIX Infra. It is part of the consortium responsible for maintenance of the new section of the R4 between Zwijnaarde and Merelbeke for 30 years as part of the reconstruction of that road.

Project details

Project name

Construction and maintenance of PPS Brabo 1


Maintenance works, Sewerage and drainage, Road works, Railways

Contract type

Design, Build, Finance & Maintenance


Antwerpen, Belgium




AWV en De Lijn

Total value

€ 125 million

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